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Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

We're not sure who will be leaving tonight on the finale of The Bachelorette, but we do know one thing—Rachel Lindsay's lashes certainly won't be going anywhere.

Navigating false lashes on their own can be tricky enough. The piece closest to our inner corners is always guaranteed to free itself from the glue and pop up, and god forbid if we attempt to get anything out of our eye. Even the slightest movements risk knocking our full strip loose, resulting in it coming off entirely, or landing on our forehead or somewhere equally ridiculous. Meanwhile, the always-flawless Lindsay, the lawyer holding all the roses and all the power, manages to keep her set intact throughout the most intense crying sessions. What is this sorcery? Is this why her lashes are so voluminous, because they're full of secrets? We spoke to her makeup artist Gina Modica to find out.

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"I wish I could give you some exciting new lashes to try or a secret method I use, but unfortunately there is none. All I do is use individual flare lashes, and sometimes the double flares for a fuller look," Modica tells InStyle. "I adjust them from medium to short lengths depending on the look we're going for, but I like to use individuals because you can control the shape and density that you need."

Modica always starts with the shadow and eyeliner, as you do, then applies each flare individually until the effect is as dense as she wants. After a little detailing on the eyeshadow, she'll finish with a few coats of mascara to lock everything into place. "I've tried a lot of glues, and the Dark DUO formula ($6; target.com) works the best for me," she says. "If the lashes are applied well, just put a coat of waterproof mascara on them, and don't touch them. You should be good through anything."

According to Modica, Rachel made sure not to touch her eyes and lashes, and since hers were redone every day, they held up pretty well—especially considering she had no time in between filming to retouch Rachel's lashes. "There were dates where she was in water or on a windy boat or mountain and they held up great," Modica says. "I would do her makeup in the morning and in the evening before her dates, and I gave her a touch-up kit so she could do it herself if needed. During rose ceremonies, I'm able to touch her up a few times throughout the night."

Even more surprisingly, Modica has never had to redo Lindsay's lashes after a sob session. We guess it all lies in careful application, generous amounts of glue, a waterproof seal, and keeping your hands off the area.