Go ahead buy a tube... or ten. 
Kylie Jenner Lash lead
Credit: Vivien Killilea/Getty

Has checking Kylie Jenner's Snapchat for makeup product reviews and tutorials become an obsessive habit? Yes, but we're not mad about it. Although Kylie is only 18 years old (almost 19), she's single-handedly popularized dozens of makeup trends and been a crucial factor in many product sell outs. Seriously, does anyone remember how hard it was to get a MAC's Taupe or Twig shades before Kylie launched her own lip kits? If you've ever sat and wondered how the hell Kylie's eyelashes look so long, curled, and full of the time then we have a weekend gift for you—Kylie just shared her go-to mascara for her super-length, permed lashes.

On her app and website, Kylie shared that when it comes to mascara she's super loyal to Lancôme, and her favorite happens to be Lancôme's Hypnose Drama Mascara, which she loves for it's easy no-clump volume effect. She even said it only really takes one coat to see the drama. The runner up is Lancôme's Star Mascara, because like she said she's really loyal to Lancôme's mascaras.

Honestly, I can totes agree. I bought a travel-sized one (followed by three full sized ones), and plot twist, it does exactly what the name says. It gives you dramatically gorgeous eyelashes, but unfortunately it did not turn me into a Jenner.

Now that the secrets out, these may just run out of stock for the next few months, so it might be time for some weekend Sephora shopping.