By Roxanne Adamiyatt
Updated Oct 05, 2016 @ 3:00 am
Kevyn Aucoin Eye Gloss - Lead 2016
Credit: Courtesy

I don't think that there is anything—ANYTHING—cooler than a patent-shine eyelid paired with a deep vampy lip and nothing else. It's so minimal and emphasizes your features without being super overt. The subtlety in that beauty makes me swoon. It's a look that I reach for more and more as the weather gets chillier. To do this, I've been using the Kevyn Aucoin's new eye gloss, which is divine, as you'll see after you check out my breakdown below.

What It's Called:

Kevyn Aucoin The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss

How Much It Will Set You Back:

Your weekly takeout budget or... $38;

What Makes It Special:

It looks fairly simply, but this eye gloss doesn't have the heft of your typically eye slick—in the best way possible. It's super light on your lids, while still having SUPER high sheen, and your eyes aren't going to stick to your brow bones when you blink. You can also dab it in the center of your lips or on your cheekbones for a little extra emphasis on your gorgeous bone structure without necessarily highlighting.

Who’s It For?

Anyone who wants to feel cool, effortlessly chic, and just a little bit fancy.

When to Use It:

With joy anytime you want, but especially when you're wearing minimal foundation and super deep lip. Doesn't get more gorgeous than that. You could also use it as a fixative with glitter.

What the Internet Is Saying:

What It Feels Like:

Smooth, light, fresh.