How to Apply Those Insta-Famous Magnetic Lashes in 3 Easy Steps

When you're not willing to invest in lash extensions, false lashes probably seem like the easy, affordable alternative—that is, until you try to apply them.

It usually takes 30 minutes of fighting with glue and getting a falsie stuck on your finger before you get one eye done. The struggle I just described is exactly why the Internet collectively freaked out when magnetic false lashes first hit the market last summer.

These game-changing lashes are mess-free (no glue!) and are super-easy to apply. They work by hugging your natural lashes; you won't feel like you're wearing falsies at all. To find out exactly how to apply them, we turned to celebrity makeup artist Ana Marie Rizzieri who did a demo for us using Ardell's Magnetic Eyelashes ($14;

Hit play on the video above to find out how to apply magnetic false lashes in three easy steps.

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