The Right Way to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions and Falsies, According to Experts

Cleaning your eyelashes can help extend the wear and protect the shape.

While cliche and perhaps a bit overused, the saying "if the eyes are the window to the soul, then eyelashes are the perfect pair of curtains" is not that far off. Eyelashes can frame your face. They can help elevate any makeup look while simultaneously enhancing the natural shape of your eyes. With a couple of coats of mascara, your eyelashes can immediately open, lift, and brighten your face to new levels.

So whether you're au natural, love your falsies, or religiously get lash extensions, considering how transformative eyelashes can be, it's important to treat them with TLC, which means cleaning them properly. Yes, you need to clean your eyelashes, more specifically, your falsies and lash extensions.

We know that when you're washing your face, you're likely not thinking about taking the extra time to tend to your lashes. And if you are, teach us your ways. However, cleaning your eyelashes can help extend the wear and keep the shape of the lashes, says celebrity makeup artist Renny Vasquez.

Luckily cleaning your eyelashes doesn't take much. With just a couple of products and a few minutes, you're able to keep your lashes long and beautiful for a longer period — which, if you think about it, offers more bang for your buck. Ahead, learn how to clean your falsies and lash extensions.

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How to Clean Falsies:

"With false lashes, you should clean it after each use so you can reuse them a few times," says Clementina Richardson, celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes. "Use a very gentle cleanser, like baby shampoo, and let it sit for a few minutes."

Vasquez says you can also use a lash cleanser, like the KISS Falscara Remover ($6,, which is an affordable option that gently removes any residue on the lashes.

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After you've applied the cleanser onto the lashes, Richardson recommends gently rubbing them with your fingers or a clean spoolie brush to help remove any stickiness and makeup. "The glue that's attached to the strip should come off easily," she tells InStyle. Once the lashes are free of any residue, lay them out to dry.

After they're dry, use a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush to brush out the falsies to help return them to their original shape and prevent them from sticking together.

How to Clean Eyelash Extensions:

When cleaning eyelash extensions, Richardson says it's important to be gentle with them. "Avoid washing your face and your eye area in the shower as you have to be very gentle, and the water pressure from shower heads is way too aggressive on extensions," she says.

She recommends applying an oil-free cleanser on a microfiber washcloth or the Take My Face Off Mitt ($10, and applying it all over your face, including over the eyes. Other cleansers that use oils in their formulas can weaken the lashes and make them shed quickly, which is why it's better to opt for an oil-free, lash-friendly formula, like the Envious Lashes Oil-Free Makeup Remover ($12,

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"When it comes to your eyes, rub the cleanser only in one direction repeatedly," she says. "Then, lean over the sink and rinse with water using your palms." Finish by gently patting (never rub) your face with a dry towel.

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Richardson says that there's a social media hack going around where people are using foam cleansers to clean their lashes. However, it isn't necessary to do. "Using a foaming cleanser is only necessary if you have dead skin buildup around your lashes," she says. "Otherwise, constantly fussing with your lash extensions shortens their lifespan, causing them to shed prematurely."

After you've cleansed your lash extensions, gently brush them out with a clean spoolie brush and enjoy newly clean, fluffy, beautiful, and long lashes.

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