How to Do Negative-Space Eyeliner in 5 Easy Steps

Negative space isn't just a manicure trend. You can also take a minimalist, less-is-more approach with your eyeliner, too.

Think of it as "floating" liner: A line is drawn above or below the lash line, or strategic gaps are added. It instantly makes the average eyeliner look cooler with minimal effort.

The only problem with floating liner is that it can well, float up onto your eyelid. That's why we turned to celebrity makeup artist Ana Marie Rizzieri for her tips on how to keep negative-space liner from melting up into your crease, along with how to actually draw it on.

Before reaching for your liner of choice, Rizzieri says that it's crucial to prep the eyelid with a translucent powder like Cover Fx Perfect Setting Powder ($35; to keep the liner from moving. Next, take a black pencil liner, such as Dior's Crayon Eyeliner ($30;, to line your upper lash line. Dip an angled brush in a gel liner like Maybelline's Eye Studio Lasting Drama Eyeliner ($7; to accentuate the line, then use a Q-tip soaked in eye makeup remover to create the divot.

Pretty simple, right? Hit play on the video above to see Rizzeri's full tutorial on the negative-space eyeliner trend.

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