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Glossier Brow Flick
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After a decade monthly waxes, my eyebrows have some potholes. I wouldn't call them skinny, but there are some patchy spots, and the tails could be more defined. Every morning, I fill them in with a brow pencil, then brush them up with a gel.

Glossier's Boy Brow has been a part of my daily brow routine since it launched in 2015. The gel is the brand's best-selling product, and it's become such a cult-favorite that according to Glossier, they sell one every 23 seconds. Boy Brow has a creamy formula that never flakes or gets crunchy on your brows, and it comes in some really great shades. As a dark brunette, it can be hard to find a brow brow products that have cool undertones to compliment the color of my hair on my head.

While I've found my ride-or-die brow gel, I'm not as passionate about any pencil I've tried. Most are meh at best. While a micro-fine pencil is great at precisely filling in sparse areas, they easily break. And a pencil that's too thick makes it nearly impossible to define the tail of my brow without needing to clean up spots where I've overshot it.

Based on the game-changing results of Boy Brow, my expectations were high when Glossier told me that their next launch is a brow product and they were sending me it to try.

Available today, Brow Flick is a liquid eyeliner-like pen that's designed to add depth to sparse spots and define brow shape. The pen has a micro-fine, flexible tip so the product goes on in hair-like brush strokes that blend into brows for a natural, seamless finish.

As for the formula, it's nicely pigmented without looking too opaque on your bras, and it's water resistant so it won't sweat off in the summer humidity. It comes in three shades: blond, brown, and black, which are meant to compliment Boy Brow when the two products are used in conjunction. Priced at $18, Brow Flick is affordable like the rest of Glossier's products.

Starting at the head of my brow, I filled in any thin areas with Brow Flick using small, upward strokes. I was surprised that I only had to go over each spot once to get the coverage I wanted. Once, I achieved my desired level of fullness at this part of my brow, I moved onto the tail.

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Now, this is usually where things get messy for me. Since my tail is pretty thin, I typically use a pencil to define it. Every single time, no matter what product I've try, I always end up going outside the line and have to wipe up smudges with a Q-tip soaked in micellar water. With Brow Flick, I was able to successfully draw over the tail of my brow in one go without any blips. The pen's flexible tip was pretty foolproof.

My end result was a thick, strong shape that's reminiscent of my natural brows before I started waxing them all those years ago. You can check out my before and after below.

Glossier Brow Pen
Credit: Erin Lukas

Since I have a severe needle phobia, microblading has never been a realistic way for me to achieve my brow goals. But, now that I've found two Holy-grail, easy-to-use brow products, who cares if I have to spend a few minutes grooming them every day?

Glossier's Brow Flick is available for $18 at glossier.com.