Rory Would Flip Over This Gilmore Girls-Inspired Eyeshadow Set

A makeup-fueled trip to Stars Hollow.

Gilmore Girls Eye Shadow
Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

There is nothing happening in the remainder of 2016 that are we are more excited over than the Gilmore Girls revival. OK, the holidays rank up there, but the point is we're pretty damn psyched to return to Stars Hollow with Lorelai and Rory.

And now that we're officially in November, the countdown is short and way less depressing. In the event that coffee and junk food isn't cutting it and you're still itching for ways to prepare for the ultimate Netflix experience, we have an idea for you courtesy of the Internet. Yes, friends, Gilmore Girls-inspired eyeshadow is a real thing, and we are hardcore fan-girling over here.

Brija Cosmetics, a beauty brand hero at this point, has come up with the literal best way to celebrate the return of the show with Gilmore Girls-themed eyeshadow.

Brija has created 17 different shades to celebrate 17 beloved characters. Think "First Kiss," a deep red named after Rory's first love Dean, "Live for a Minute," a matte grey named after Logan, and even "Vicious Trollop," a mauve named after Emily Gilmore.

Gilmore Girls Eye Shadow Embed

When bought in a set, the eyeshadows will be decorated with themed art work, which hopefully means an original sketch from Kirk.

It's a little pricey, though. The 17-piece set retails for a little over $46, while each individual eyeshadow costs between $1.45 and $5.50 depending on size.

Considering that we've bought products for their packaging alone, this one seems like a no brainer.

But this isn't nearly the first Gilmore Girls-inspired beauty product that's popped up. Just yesterday we heard wind of Gilmore Girls lip balm, and we're not sure anything has ever made us happier.

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