Fishtail Brows 
Credit: hayley_bui/Instagram; hudabeauty/Instagram

Thanks to Instagram, a fishtail isn't just a way of braiding your hair anymore. Just when you thought every wacky eyebrow trend was left behind in 2017, you've probably been seeing all of your favorite makeup artists on your feed with fishtail brows.

The latest viral beauty trend gets its name from the fact that it resembles, well, a fish's tail. These brows may not be as practical as straight or full arches as seen on celebs like Cara Delevingne or , but the look is a lot more wearable than previous Instagram-famous trends like squiggle or braided brows.

This look involves shaping the end of your eyebrow into two sections with each one angled in the opposite direction. If you're brave enough to try these brows, it's worth nothing that you don't actually have Tweeze your brows into the shape. Use a full-coverage concealer to create the divide between the two sections, and a brow pencil to draw on the fin-like ends.

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Unsurprisingly, the wacky look has become a hit among beauty influencers like Huda Kattan who's kick-started a number of last year's weirdest brows including the Nike and McDonald's brows. Kattan shared several photos of herself trying the fishtail eyebrow trend on Instagram.

But, the beauty influencer didn't draw on these brows herself. Instagram user SkyzEditz photoshopped the brows on Kattan and several other bloggers and celebs like Rihanna.

Although the hashtag #fishtailbrows has racked up over 200 photos of people re-creating the trend, most of these brows have been digitally altered or have used coverup techniques (like the aforementioned concealer or a foundation) to achieve the look.

Only time will tell if people will have enough guts to actually cut the trend into their natural brows.