How to Effortlessly Remove Waterproof Mascara

Take it all off — without losing all of your eyelashes.

The basic requirement of a good waterproof mascara is that it won't run or smudge, whether you're tearing up watching Queer Eye or get caught in the rain.

"The ingredients that make a mascara waterproof are the different waxes used in its formula," says celebrity makeup artist Daniel Chinchilla. "Beeswax, candelila, and carnauba waxes are most commonly used, causing water to roll off the mascara instead of making it smudge."

However, this staying power doesn't seem so magical when you're trying to take waterproof mascara off. Unlike makeup remover commercials, where mascara always comes off with the single swipe of a cotton pad, water-resistant formulas are notoriously hard to remove.

Removing waterproof mascara properly has everything to do with the type of makeup remover you're using. Chinchilla says to look for one that's gentle, but effective, so your lashes won't come off while cleansing. He recommends ArtNaturals Makeup Remover ($9;, a formula free of harsh ingredients and suited for all skin types.

How to Remove Waterproof Mascara
Arun Sharma/Unsplash

Chinchilla adds that the best way to remove waterproof mascara is to take a makeup remover-soaked cotton pad and press it on the area while your eyes are closed. "Let it sit there for a little bit while the remover breaks the product down, then wipe away the mascara in a downward motion," he says. Repeat this process until all traces of mascara are gone.

But whatever you do, don't try to rub it off. It will strain the delicate eye area and your half-removed mascara will smudge everywhere.

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