Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner Are Making a Case for Blue Eyeshadow as the Next Big Makeup Trend

We asked makeup artists for tips on perfecting the look. 

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Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner Are Making a Case for Blue Eyeshadow as the Next Big Fall Makeup Trend
Photo: Instagram @kendalljenner

I look forward to fall makeup trends every year. The summer heat has finally waned and fashion week (month) is in session, which means we're about to see some experimental makeup looks in deep, rich hues. And thanks to the slightly more bearable changing weather, we can finally wear makeup without it melting away the minute we step outside.

Even though fall has barely started, I've already picked up on one trend we're about to see a lot this season, thanks in part to trendsetters like Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner: blue eyeshadow. Yes, it's back.

The impetus was, of course, the announcement of Taylor Swift's new album, Midnights. The very early 2000s, indie-looking cover is an out-of-focus shot of the singer wearing glimmering blue eyeshadow and stark black eyeliner. I haven't stopped thinking about the look — and I certainly can't avoid it. It seems like it's everywhere right now; I see it every time I skim through a fall/winter 2023 preview or just open Instagram.

"I think one of the reasons we are seeing more blue at the moment is because right now, our pop culture trends are such a mix of the previous decades. People are pulling inspiration from the '70s, '80s, and especially the '90s and early 2000s, when blue eyeshadow was quite trendy," Kale Teter, celebrity makeup artist and Sheglam ambassador, told InStyle. He also mentions celebrities like Doja Cat, Jennifer Lopez, and the cast of Euphoria as examples of the trend taking off.

Makeup artist Rachel Weingarten added that Lady Gaga has been championing blue eyeshadow recently, but that really, "once Taylor Swift gives a look (as reflected on the album covers we've seen so far for Midnights) you know it's a trend that will take off."

But even for someone like myself, whose favorite makeup product is eyeshadow, the color is intimidating. So to ensure I wouldn't be a makeup faux pas, I asked the pros to share some insight and advice.

Before getting into the nitty gritty, Weingarten said, "choose only one area of your eye to apply blue eyeshadow. It has long had a bad reputation, probably because of the powder-blue eyeshadow that showed up sometime in the '60s. The vintage makeup looks were so jarring because they covered the entire eye area in blue — and it wasn't terribly flattering to any face." Basically, if you avoid painting a blue shade from your lash line to your eyebrow, you should be fine. But to be safe, here are three other makeup artist-approved tips for perfectly pulling off the look.

1. Try navy blue first

"If you're not quite brave enough for the full blue eyeshadow effect, then consider swapping out your usual black, brown, or gray eyeliner for a deep, midnight blue. You'll have the look without the same commitment," Weingarten said. She added, "navy eyeliner (liquid or gel) is almost universally flattering because blue contrasts beautifully with the whites of your eyes."

She says that another way to start experimenting via navy blue is to apply it carefully in the crease area. If you're especially shy, "extend it only the tiniest bit so it's practically invisible when your eyes are open."

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2. Go for a soft wash

"You can also try an all-over soft wash of eyeshadow by applying it with a fluffy brush or pressed on with your fingers," Teter says. If the solid blue color is still daunting, Weingarten advises adding some sparkle in the inner corner of your eye and then blending.

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3. Experiment with the color

Blue is a very expansive and diverse color that ranges from teal to cyan to royal blue, and so on. Weingarten advises experimenting with the range to find what works for you.

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Hopefully, with those tips from the makeup pros in mind, you feel ready to take on the trend that I'm personally betting will be everywhere as fall progresses.

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