And the results look more natural than microblading.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Eyebrow Extensions
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Anyone who has over-plucked or waxed their eyebrows knows the journey back to full brows is a long and painful winding road. While there's a ton of brow pencils, gels, waxes, and pomades out there that can help you fake a thicker look along the way, eyebrow extensions are an instant solution that saves you time spent grooming your brows every morning. And unlike microblading, there's less risk involved. Extensions don't use needles, so the odds of infection are slim, and if you don't like the initial result, it can easily be changed.

Here, Clementina Richardson, celebrity lash expert and founder of Envious Lashes, a New York City salon that specialized in lash and brow extensions, breaks down all the vital info you need to know before getting the treatment. Keep reading to find out more on how long brow extensions last, ways to maintain your extensions, the cost, and more.

What Are Eyebrow Extensions?

"Unlike lash extensions where you need actual eyelashes to attach the lash, with eyebrow extensions the actual fibers can be attached directly to the skin or the eyebrow hair itself," says Richardson. This allows you to change and define the shape of your brow and arch, in addition to adding fullness.

Several different lengths of extensions are used to create a natural look, which also creates volume, whereas microblading can look flat. There's also various sizes of brow extensions, too. "The hair width is extremely important," explains Richardson. "The strands of hair used must be very fine for a natural look, otherwise it will look very fake, almost like bad hair plugs!"

The entire process can take 30 minutes to two hours, depending on your desired look, but it's worth it. And eyebrow extensions can last up to two weeks with proper care.

What to Do Pre-Treatment

Above anything else, safety is a priority. Richardson stresses the importance of doing your homework when choosing a salon that does eyebrow extensions. "Finding someone who is certified to apply brow extensions is a must," she says. "Depending on the state, the stylist also needs to be licensed, not just certified."

Once you make an appointment, it's best to arrive at the salon with clean brows in order for the extensions to hold.

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There Are Different Colors to Choose From

Richardson says that brown and black are the most universally-flattering brow extension colors. At Envious Lashes, brown tends to be the more popular choice, because it goes with many hair colors and skin tones.

How to Take Care of Eyebrow Extensions

The first 48 hours after getting extensions are crucial. Richardson says not to get your brows wet or rub them. You should also avoid using makeup, oil-based products, and creams around the eyes because it could loosen up the glue. And while it's important to follow these rules immediately following your appointment, these are also general best practices when you have brow extensions.

In addition, brushing your brows should also be kept to a minimum. "You need to be very gentle with brow extensions and try your best to avoid touching them," explains Richardson. "Many of the strands are attached directly on the skin, so fussing with them will cause them to shed sooner."

How Much Do Brow Extensions Cost?

The price of extensions vary based on where you live and your desired look. Richardson says the cost typically ranges from $150 to $350.