Eyebrow Extensions Changes My Life
Credit: Art by Elysia Berman

Gone are the days of over tweezing and frequent waxes: the bold brow trend is here to stay—with treatments favoring a flair for the dramatic. These days brow pencils, powder, and wax are being replaced by transplants, wigs, and extensions. So naturally, I had to get in on the fun. When I arrived at my brow extensions appointment with Courtney Buhler, the founder of SugarLash, I was ready to be transformed—and have a step eliminated from my morning routine. Defining my brows with my Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Wiz each morning is a given, and the thought of leaving the house without applying my go-to product felt odd.

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Credit: Elysia Berman

After taking a quick look at my brows, Buhler warned me we would be doing lots of trimming, which leads me to lesson 1. Trim your eyebrows for an instantly fuller look. I think at some point, when I was determined my brows could grow to Cara Delevingne proportions with sheer will, I read the opposite. Usually a regular at-home trimmer and professional waxing addict, I've started to ignore the stray hairs in favor of a bushier look (if you could even call it that.)

Credit: Elysia Berman

Next, Buhler measured and marked up my brows, making sure everything aligned properly. My natural brow shape complements my face quite nicely—as every esthetician I've ever met loves to inform me—but Buhler promised she could take them to the next level, like Megan Fox level. As you can see in my before photo, my brows are more curved and less angular. Leading me to lesson 2… Change the shape of your brows, change your face (and life.) When Buhler asked if I was open to a tint, my immediate response was, "Why, OF COURSE." She informed me it would just make it look like I already applied powder, creating an extra illusion of fullness. We have arrived at lesson 3. If offered, always say yes to an eyebrow tint.

Credit: Elysia Berman

As Buhler explained the steps of the treatment, she emphasized how important exfoliation is. Exfoliation is not my strong suit, and my eyebrows regularly (and annoyingly) flake, so I welcomed the scrubbing. Lesson 4… Don't forget to exfoliate your eyebrows. As I was laying on the table, busy absorbing the constant flow of tips from Buhler and envisioning my brand new brows, I let my imagination run wild. I pictured lifting my head to find my brows looking more like Olga's from Hey Arnold and less Cara Delevingne, which to be honest, doesn't sound like a bad outcome. Buhler informed me she was just increasing my volume around 25 percent and to expect my "new brows" to look very much like my own brows, but better. Natural, but enhanced. I passed on the offer to pump them up to Delevingne proportions and experienced instant pangs of regret after leaving. Like, severe pangs. Nonetheless, behold the final lesson. Eyebrow extensions are glorious and life changing. The entire procedure only took around 45 minutes and the brow hairs, I discovered as they fell off, really did resemble my real brow hairs. They camouflaged themselves well. Because I have eyebrows, the majority of the hairs added were glued to already existing hairs, and just a few were glued directly to the skin. I was told the faux hairs glued to my real hairs would last around a week and the hairs applied to the skin anywhere from 1-3 days. The tint lasted around a week as well, leaving me feeling like Cinderella at midnight once my seven days were up. Unknown Object To make the treatment last as long as possible, I was given a special cleanser to gently pat onto my brows, but I kept my skin care routine normal otherwise. Oil breaks down the glue bonds, which is part of the reason why the extensions only last around a week. Oil was aplenty on my face this past week in the 90-degree New York heat, but the little hairs stuck it out. Obviously, instructions not to pick or itch were given, and I am proud to say I followed the rules this time. Buhler explained she became interested in brow extensions after working with a woman who was undergoing chemotherapy and experiencing hair loss. Brow extensions are also ideal for women suffering from Alopecia who want natural brows for a special occasion, like a wedding. Cost varies on how much brow needs building. Adding 25 percent more volume compared to building a whole brow would differ in cost by a few hundred dollars. If you are interested in being trained in lash and brow extensions or learning more, visit And if you don't believe me, here are my before and after photos.


Credit: Elysia Berman


Credit: Elysia Berman