Glitter makes everything better.
EOS Lip Balm Lead
Credit: eosproducts/Instagram

We remember the exact moment we were finally convinced to give our lips some TLC and start carrying around lip balm. Said moment was when we laid our eyes on those circular balls of happiness that are EOS lip balms. At first we bought them because they were cute and we're seriously suckers for good packaging. But once we started using them we became hooked and here we are a few years and hundreds of tubes later, still using them. We never really considered if they could get any better. But they have and the reason involves a whole lot of sparkle.

EOS got into the holiday spirit and created two new glitter versions of our favorite lip balms. The new lip balms come in two shades, a shimmery pearl shade and a sheer pink shimmer shade. Their packaging also got a major upgrade.

EOS Lip Balm 1
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EOS Lip Balm 2
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They both come in black packaging accented with their respective shades. Obviously, these aren't only cute AF but also so practical and good for your chapped anddry winter lips since they are filled with jojoba oil and shea butter. They're also retailing at $5 on Ulta and the EOS website which means we bought both of them and didn't even feel guilty.