If Your Hair Won't Grow Past Your Shoulders, This 'Miracle' Hair Growth Oil Changes Everything

Hairstylists say it regrows bald spots and reverses damage.

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Hairstylists Say This Is a ‘Miracle Serum for Regrowth’ and Reversing Damage
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The "frequently bought together" tab on Amazon is a mystical, slightly dangerous place (for our wallets), using data's all-seeing eye to recommend the best products based on what you're currently looking at. If you've browsed Amazon's hair growth products before, you've probably come across Pura D'Or's Anti-Thinning Shampoo — and thanks to the algorithm, we've just discovered a hair oil that matches the best-selling shampoo in potency.

According to nearly 5,000 five-star Amazon ratings, EssyNaturals' Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin promotes hair growth like a follicle-whispering magician. As with so many great products, one shopper mentioned that they heard about it from a hairstylist who "swears it's a miracle serum for regrowth" after it put an end to clients' hair loss issues. After two uses, their advice paid off; the shopper's breakage and hair shedding was cut to a minimum.

That hairstylist was definitely onto something, since dozens of Amazon reviewers likewise call the EssyNaturals' oil a "miracle." Over 100 people say they saw a difference within two weeks, the oil working its magic via baby hairs that stick up from everywhere, filling in long-forgone bald spots and hairlines thinned out by age, straightening treatments, postpartum hair loss, and traction alopecia.

EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil

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The benefits are both fast and long term. Shoppers say the oil immediately relieves dry scalp itching with its blend of castor oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, and coconut oil, and unlike other products that rely on castor oil, it's as light as water, non-sticky, smells great, and leaves a silky sheen behind.

Per the brand, biotin and caffeine trigger hair growth, and some shoppers say they saw new growth within just a week. After about a month, one person writes they can't see their scalp anymore. After two, others say they've seen an inch of growth, calling it the answer to their prayers.

With it in their routine, shoppers say they're once again seeing the beautiful, long, and strong hair of their youths. "My hair feels fuller, softer, lusher and more vibrant," one person writes, adding that hair loss in the shower and shedding has decreased to "just about nothing." Others say that thanks to the oil, their hair is the longest it's ever been, finally able to kick the shoulder-length growth plateau they'd been stuck in for years.

It thrives in extreme cases, shoppers write. Multiple people say they used it after going through chemotherapy, and one person who was losing a "scary amount" of hair says the oil turned things around, adding thickness and two inches of hair growth.

It even works for curly-haired reviewers used to losing enough hair to "make a great small pet," in one shopper's words. After a week of use, their shower hair loss was down to 10 hairs total — a revelation. "I actually said out loud in the shower, 'Holy S**t! This stuff actually works!,'" they wrote, adding, "There's a reason this stuff has such great reviews. Trust me, buy it!"

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