Essential Oils - Lead
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Between shopping for gifts, post-election blues, and mentally preparing to clash with our relatives at Thanksgiving, we've unofficially dubbed these few weeks between now and the holidays to be headache season. It seems like we've been walking around with a dull pain in the backs of our heads for the better part of the month, and although popping an Advil or three tends to be the go-to remedy, we can't imagine it's a particularly good practice when it happens multiple times in a day. Luckily, a more holistic approach lies in the Twig + Petal Headache Relief rollerball, which harnesses the powers of essential oils to cure your headache within minutes. Trust us—we find ourselves applying this stuff to our temples on the daily, and that ever-present dull pain virtually disappears as soon as the cooling sensation takes effect on your skin.

"Most people do not know that many pharmaceuticals are synthetic reproductions of nature's healing power. For example, Aspirin is based on the properties of willow bark," explains brand founder Tirzah Shirai. "Drug companies synthetically reproduce the properties in a lab, but nature doesn't have any side effects." The peppermint, eucalyptus, and cajeput oils are the hero ingredients of the mixture—peppermint was found to block headache pain in a study conducted by researchers at the University of Kiel, whereas both the eucalyptus and cajeput oils have an Advil-esque anti-inflammatory quality. Additional oils like rosemary, lavender, and vetiver help your body to relax and clear the mind, while still maintaining focus. The bottle is pretty compact, so it's easy enough to keep on your desk, or throw into your handbag before heading over to your parents' place tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving! Pick up a rollerball for yourself at for $27, and see just how quickly it works its magic.