The Brand Behind Amazon's Best-Selling Mascara Dropped a New $5 Formula — and My Lashes Have Never Looked Better

The proof is in the before and after photos.

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The Brand Behind Amazon’s Best-Selling Mascara Dropped a New $5 Formula — and My Lashes Have Never Looked Better
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I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a sucker for luxury beauty products. Nothing makes me happier than getting my hands on the latest brand-name mascara or lipstick. But, designer price tags add up, and my high-end beauty habit just isn't sustainable.

On my quest for more affordable products, I discovered the $5 Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara, which is the best-selling mascara on Amazon. It gives me the long, clump-free lashes of my dreams, and it quickly earned a permanent spot in my makeup routine — or so I thought. Essence recently launched a new formula — the Lash Princess Curl and Volume Mascara — and it offers the same enviable length as the original mascara, but this time with max volume.

essence | Lash Princess Curl Mascara

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I have very sensitive eyes, so it's important for me to find gentle products that won't lead to redness and irritation. The new $5 mascara is exactly that, as it's completely vegan, cruelty free, and paraben free. I can wear it all day long without having to use my emergency eye drops once.

My other favorite part of the Lash Princess Curl and Volume Mascara is its peanut-shaped application brush. It holds a ton of product, curls up your lashes, and gives them intense volume after just one coat. I mean, just look at the difference in my lashes below.

essence | Lash Princess Curl Mascara | For Dramatic Curl & Volume

If you need more proof of this mascara's magical lash-lifting abilities, just head to the review section, where over 1,000 shoppers have already given the product a five-star rating.

"I have very short, sparse eyelashes," one reviewer began. "This instantly gave me longer, curled lashes, which I never thought was possible. I have spent hundreds of dollars and tried countless different mascaras, all have failed. I used to use three different mascaras just to get the results I wanted. Now I only have to use one!"

A second shopper added, "This curl and volume 'magic wand' took the separation of my lashes to the next level, gave me tons of volume, and worked perfect for my natural lashes that are thick but this gives them an extra boost."

Trust me, you don't need to spend $30 on mascara to get long, feathery lashes. Try out the $5 Lash Princess Curl and Volume Mascara for yourself to see what I'm talking about.

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