By Angelique Serrano
Updated Aug 23, 2017 @ 4:30 pm
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Credit: Rohan Kelly/Newspix/Getty

This summer two of our favorite things came together: the must-have makeup tool Beautyblender and the must-watch Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne. She hooked up with the brand in New York City to celebrate the launch of Beautyblender Swirl ($20, a new colorful iteration that's sure to find a place in our bags. In addition to touching up our makeup with Swirl, we played a little game with the chart-topper called Never Have I Ever: Beauty Edition. Check out her responses below, and learn why she'll never do someone else's makeup ever again, and the reason she once shaved her head.

InStyle: Never have I ever...done someone else's makeup?

InStyle: Never have I ever...done my own makeup for a show?

InStyle: Never have I ever...gotten lash extensions?

InStyle: Never have I ever...gotten a breakover (a.k.a. a makeover after a breakup)?

Now that you've learned even more about your fave reality star, here's another tip about your BeautyBlender: If you want a dewy finish, wet the sponge with a few spritzes of a facial mist before using it to dab and blend your makeup into your skin.