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Sunflowers were a total thing in the '90s, weren't they? Every floral print dress was decked out in the pattern to the point that Sharon Cherski's sunflower maxi may has well have been billed an extra in My So-Called Life, those Blossom-esque flower hats usually featured one, and in my own pink glitter Caboodle, I had no less than 6 sunflower fragrance mists, probably all by Body Fantasies with the appropriate amount of shimmer.

Funny enough, sunflowers don't actually smell like anything. They're similar to the orchid in that a million fragrances are created around each flower, despite that neither gives off a scent. Celebrity florist Eric Buterbaugh, who certainly knows his way around a botanical garden, saw this as a challenge when developing his first fragrance line, EB Florals. Buterbaugh partnered with hat designer Nick Fouquet in designing this scent, and together, they used that idea as a jumping off point, theorizing, what would a sunflower smell like if it had a fragrance?

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The answer they arrived at was a vibrant mix of orange blossom, quince, nectarine, and osmanthus. This may not mean much to you reading the list of notes on the page, but the aroma is very similar to the bold floral burst you get when you pass the open door of a flower shop. The musk note allows the fragrance to warm up on contact with your skin, but there aren't any wood notes, which can often weigh down a scent.

I have a small vial at my desk that I am trying to preserve because it smells that good, but it's a hard task considering that basically coat myself in every morning. Find the 10 ml for $75, or the massive bottle my heart yearns for priced at $295 right now at saksfifthavenue.com.