Thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by it.

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ECOMM: Even Shoppers With Sensitive Skin Swear By This $16 Exfoliating Face Mask
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It’s been years since the eldest of the Kardashian clan, holistic wellness guru extraordinaire Kourtney Kardashian, first introduced us to the many health benefits of manuka honey. And now, we know its benefits run skin-deep. 

The hydrating cell-regenerating staple supports anti-aging efforts while protecting skin from harmful free radicals. What’s more, its antibacterial properties address frustrating skin conditions without harsh ingredients. Basically, it’s a superfood for your skin. So it’s no surprise that Amazon skincare shoppers have called Era Organics Revive Microdermabrasion Mask — which is formulated with the ingredient — a must-have in their own regimens. 

The multitasking product has more than 1,400 perfect reviews left by shoppers who’ve sworn by its many benefits. From clearing cystic acne to getting smoother skin in just one use, the dual purpose face scrub and mask has become a standout staple. 

“My skin has been straight up trash since I've come off birth control pills. I suffer from hormonal, cystic acne that lines up along my chin like a sports team at the end of a game about to shake hands. When one comes, I get 3 or 4 more. AND THEY HURT,” said one reviewer. “I've always had sensitive skin, so I tend to stay away from drugstore products. I came across this brand and decided to give it a go... This product has completely cleared my cystic acne in less than two weeks. I began using it right during the middle of a breakout, and it's worked better than any product I've ever used before.” 

What sets the scrub apart from other similar products is its organic formula, which gently exfoliates skin without damaging it in the process. A nourishing and deep-cleansing blend of aloe vera, gentle walnut shells, canola oil, and antimicrobial orange oil and cehami come together for a scrub that’s gentle enough to be used on the most sensitive of skin types. 

“OBSESSED. I have sensitive skin and use this face scrub twice per week,” another reviewer said.”It actually feels like I just got a microderm treatment and a facial when I pat my face dry. It does an amazing job at taking dead layers of skin off and giving your skin that renewed feeling. I’ve noticed a major difference in the blackheads on my nose and it does an amazing job at unclogging and minimizing pores! The texture is also perfect, almost like a whipped butter.!” 

Sensitive skin doesn’t mean you have to deal with dull skin. Head to Amazon to get the clean microdermabrasion scrub thousands of shoppers swear by. 

Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub & Face Exfoliator

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