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We'd be lying if we claimed we didn't completely tear up every time we start reaching the plastic ring at the base of our favorite lipsticks. It isn't much longer until we'll have to toss it and pick up another, that is, if the color isn't part of some limited-edition range that can no longer be found. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Enter Italian beauty blogger Luisa Simona with the ultimate lifehack, which may look like some serious Sid and Nancy behavior, but actually helps stretch the lifespan of your lipstick. Check it out in action below.

Simona begins by digging her lipstick out of the base, then sticks the color into a spoon. It looks like she warmed the tube up slightly to make the formula a little easier to remove, so you may want to heat it for a second or two if you're working with a stubborn formula. She then hits the bottom of the spoon with a lighter, as you do, and somehow pours it into a lipstick palette without spilling all over her white rug.

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We didn't realize that much product was hiding in the bottom of the tube. Usually once our lips make contact with the plastic, we figure the lipstick only has mere hours left before it gets tossed.

If the thought of melting your lipstick in a spoon makes you nervous to spill/is too grunge for your tastes, try the same method with any metal container where the lipstick can easily be melted down.