Daily Beauty Buzz: Emmy Rossum's Kohl Eyeliner

Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty

Wondering how Emmy Rossum's tawny neutral shadow still packs that extra bit of smolder? The secret is in that extra swipe of inky noir pencil along the star's waterline, referred to as tightlining. The method intensified Rossum's gaze at the Los Angeles premiere of SMILF last night, with soft, touchable waves and a matte petal lip adding to the overall sultry vibe. A perimeter of kohl around your inner waterline complements both graphic smoky eyes and minimalist effects alike, not to mention, makes your lashes look thicker. All you need to master the technique is a soft, blendable pencil you feel comfortable using in that intimidating area.

After you've curled your lashes and swept on eyeshadow, but before you apply mascara and the rest of your eyeliner is the sweet spot in the regime to do your tightlining. With a creamy formula like Pixi's ($14; target.com), begin tracing your lower waterline, then continue along the upper lashes if needed. Getting a pencil in as close of a proximity to your actual eyeball can be pretty intimidating, but a soft formula designed for that delicate area eases the process, as does looking up as you work the product.

Run a liner brush under your lower lashes to blend out any of the liner that might have escaped, then finish with a swipe along your upper lashes, if needed. Let a few generous coats of mascara seal in the effect.

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