Two Drops of This Emma Watson-Approved Find Blurs Out Fine Lines
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This Face Mist Is Emma Watson's Go-To Hydrating Toner — and It Costs $9

It’s so popular, one sells every 40 seconds.
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When you think of celebrity skincare, your mind probably goes to expensive luxury brands, but Emma Watson turns to one affordable option that's available at Amazon and Target for just $9. She's been using the product since at least 2017, according to her Instagram — and shocker, her skin is glowing in the photo. 

The Sukin Original Hydrating Mist Toner is a versatile beauty product that's made for all skin types and should be in everyone's makeup bag. The refreshing spray soothes and hydrates with all-natural ingredients like rose water, chamomile, and glycerin, and it can be used as a pick-me-up in the morning before or after cleansing as well as a setting spray. Anyone with dry skin can keep one in their purse and quickly hydrate throughout the day without ruining their makeup.

Not only is the hydrating mist loved by Watson, but hundreds of reviewers at Amazon and Target swear by it, too — in fact, a bottle sells every 40 seconds, according to the brand. Some even say that buying it was "the best decision" they've made all year.

Sukin Organics Hydrating Mist Toner
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"Really enjoyed using this spray! It has a delicate natural scent and a nice fine mist," writes one satisfied shopper at Target. "It has great ingredients and replaced a more premium one I was using that was almost three times the price. Will repurchase!"

The spray nozzle gives off a fine mist that covers your entire face, which means you only need a spritz to reap the benefits (though you're welcome to spritz as many times as you like). And for only $9 a bottle, you might as well buy two so you can keep one at home and take the other on the go. 

If you fall in love with the Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner, like Watson and several other shoppers already have, consider the rest of the brand's affordable skincare line. Nothing costs more than $17, and it includes everything you need for a complete routine.