Emily Blunt's Dreamy Beauty Look At the 'Jungle Cruise' Premiere Is Too Good to Not Recreate

Emily Blunt Getting Ready for Jungle Cruise Premiere
Photo: Jenna Jones

Just when you thought Emily Blunt's red carpet looks couldn't get any better, the actress is giving you another reason to carry a photo of her to your hairstylist or a makeup artist for a special event.

At the premiere of her latest film Jungle Cruise on July 24, the London-born star brought soft romance to the red carpet with her stunning embellished updo and warm makeup.

"Emily's look was inspired by her beautiful outfit from Schiaparelli," Blunt's go-to hairstylist Laini Reeves shares exclusively with InStyle. "The outfit featured delicate linen pants and a beautiful cream layered top, with gold accents on both pieces. The top had a lot of gorgeous texture, which is what we wanted to replicate with her hair."

Lucky for us, we got to catch up with her glam team to get all the details, including the products you need to grab to recreate the ethereal look at home.

So let's take a look at what went on behind-the-scenes, shall we?

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Prep, Prep, Prep

Emily Blunt Getting Ready for Jungle Cruise Premiere
Jenna Jones

Before makeup artist Jenn Streicher got started on Blunt's look, she used products from Kat Burki to prep the star's skin.

"We always start a big day with some Kat Burki eye patches," she says. "On a clean skin, I used the Kat Burki Radiance line, because who doesn't want some radiance? I spritzed the Super Nutrient Elixir all over her face and then gently pressed in a few drops of the pH + Enzyme Essence into the skin — this really helps prep the skin to absorb the moisturizer."

The makeup artist finished off with the Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream and Nutrient C Eye Cream.

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Upping the Updo

Emily Blunt Getting Ready for Jungle Cruise Premiere
Jenna Jones

Blunt's hair was washed day of using Redken's Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, Conditioner, and then the line's Leave-In Treatment was applied. "The concentrated formulas were perfect for Emily's hair to help strengthen strands and protect her color," says Reeves.

Next, the hairstylist followed up with the brand's One United Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray and Oil for All Invisible Multi-Benefit Oil for heat protection, softness, and shine.

"From there I started to blow dry her hair, using a round brush to smooth the ends for a glass finish," Reeves adds. "Once Emily's hair was dry, I used a three-inch barrel curler to create barrel curls all over to fill her hair out and to create texture so we had a lot of body and volume to play with."

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Final Touches

Emily Blunt Getting Ready for Jungle Cruise Premiere
Jenna Jones

"I used Westman Atelier's tabac shadow from the Les Jours Eye Pods all over the lid, up to the brow then onto the lower lash line," Streicher explains. "Then I used a bit of the chocolate pod in the crease. Next, I applied a deep bronzy gold over the whole lid for a bit of a pop. I also used a few individual lashes and two coats of the Westman Atelier Eye Love You Mascara."

The makeup artist followed up with Westman Atelier's Vital Skin Foundation Stick in different shades under the eyes, around the nose, and other points of the face, and swept the brand's Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer in Coup De Soleil over the T-zone and cheekbones.

"For her blush, I used [Super Loaded Tinted Cream Highlighter in] Peau De Rose, and also used a bit of it over her eyes too," the makeup artist says. "And for my new favorite product, I used Lit Up Highlight Stick in Nectar on above her cheek bones. Lastly, for the lips, I blended two colors from the Les Nudes Lip Palette, mixed with lots of the Nou Nou Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Bomb."

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Business In the Back

Emily Blunt Getting Ready for Jungle Cruise Premiere
Jenna Jones

To take Blunt's updo to the next level, Reeves wanted to add delicate gold embellishments from Lelet to the hair.

"I chose to use hair pins with long strands of gold beads and pinned one each side of her head, just in front of the ears, and then braided the hair with the gold beads going through her strands," says the hairstylist. She then twisted the loose hair into a little bun and added in a gold ribbon right above the bun and finished off with a spritz of Redken's Shine Flash.

"I pulled pieces to frame Emily's face and used a curling iron to get soft bend," Reeves adds. "I sealed the look with Redken's Triple Take 32 Hairspray to add a strong hold and keep frizz at bay for the red carpet."

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The Final Look

Emily Blunt Getting Ready for Jungle Cruise Premiere
Jenna Jones

After hair and makeup was complete, Blunt slipped into a structural Schiaparelli ensemble to hit the red carpet.

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