Now you can whistle while you work, in style. 

By Kelly Bryant
Updated Sep 02, 2015 @ 11:30 pm

From the people who brought you those Harry Potter-themed liquid lipsticks comes a collection named after Disney princesses...and it's amazing.

Yes, LA Splash Cosmetics is at it again, presumably without any sort of licensing affiliation, but taking after animated royals nonetheless...and the shades are so pretty.

Ranging from a deep wine to represent the Evil Queen (literally any of the meanies who act as an antagonist to our fair maidens) and gorgeous neutrals for the Lion King's Nala (yes, even our feline friends get a hue), the line appears to pack a pigment punch.

The brand is marketing them as Studio Shine Waterproof Lip Lustres and each princess name is associated with a shade that would perfect the pout of the correlating princess.

Each lip lustre rings up at $14 and they're available at