Editor Tested Glamsquad- LEAD
Credit: Paige Jones

Let’s be honest: deciding on your wedding hair and makeup can be purely daunting. Hair up or down? Bold lip or a softer shade? Falsh eyelashes or waterproof mascara? Or both? The stakes are high and you only have one night for that perfect look down the aisle.

When I got married a few months ago in Los Angeles, I decided to hand the reigns over to Glamsquad. Literal squad goals. They’re an on-demand beauty service that delivers professional hair and makeup teams to your home, office, or wherever you may be. They operate in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami right now, with plans to expand. This isn’t a novel service by any means, but Glamsquad just gets it. I’ve tested their hair and makeup several times, and their handiwork is unrivaled.

Editor Tested Glamsquad-
Credit: Paige Jones

They recently launched a wedding service and offer signature looks as inspiration. Before I booked my trial appointment (trial appointments are key!), I perused through the looks and used The Ivy as my jumping off point. Really, all I knew I wanted was something cry-proof, sweat-proof, and overall very natural. For makeup, I wanted a subtle look, with dewy skin and a watercolor wash on the lips and cheeks. For hair, soft waves and one side clipped back. At my trial, my team tested several looks and landed on the one pictured above.

Editor Tested Glamsquad- 1
Credit: Paige Jones

For my wedding day makeup, I settled on a very natural look, with clean skin, light rosy cheeks, bronzy eyelids, individual false lashes with waterproof mascara, a bold brow, and a pink-hued lip shade. For hair, we decided on very loose waves, with a deep side part, and pinned back on one side with a gold leaf clip by Jennifer Behr. I looked like a better, more enhanced version of myself—exactly what I aimed for on my wedding day.

Editor Tested Glamsquad- 3
Credit: Courtesy

My wedding venue was 30 minutes outside of Los Angeles, and the Glamsquad team showed up early, set up immediately, did hair and makeup on all my bridesmaids efficiently and beautifully, and ultimately put us ahead of schedule for the rest of the wedding day—every planner's dream.

Plus, the pricing can't be beat. Wedding hair and makeup each cost $125. Need an artist to stay for touch-ups? They charge $100 an hour for a stylist to stay through the ceremony and reception. For more info, visit their website at