This Australian Beauty Brand Is Actually Good Enough to Eat

Photo: Edible Beauty Australia/Facebook

What's in a name?

At least for Australian skincare brand Edible Beauty, it's definitive of the label's entire philosophy. Developed by nutritionist and naturopath Anna Mitsios, every ingredient used in the formulations for her lotions, serums, eye creams, and more also must be suitable for consumption. Meaning, you can actually eat every element that goes into the final product, though we figure they'll do a lot more good on your face than spooned into your mouth—not that you'd ever try, of course.

The range, which addresses every issue from fine lines to acne, taps into the power of wildcrafted plants, which prove to be as effective as they are gentle. Edible Beauty's Gold Rush Eye Balm ($83; is among one of the top-sellers, not to mention, a staple in our own medicine cabinets. The infusion of antioxidant-rich ingredients like actual gold leaf, coffee extract, and cucumber extract help to depuff the area, while blueberry oil in particular aids in fading dark circles.

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Better yet, Edible Beauty's range also includes a handful of completely natural products for babies, as well as ten different teas designed to help with sleep, energy, and overall radiance of the skin.

Shop the full range of products now at, priced between $15 for a package of tea and $388 for the entire set of skincare.

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