We're very serious. 
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Bath bombs... they invoke a very playful atmosphere, no? We were all introduced to them as children, so, we all probably feel like they made bath time more fun. I mean, the colors, the fizz— who wouldn't want to play with their rubber ducky in that?

But, now that I'm an adult, I'd let my use of bath bombs fall by the wayside in favor of bath salts and soaks. Turns out, this was misguided. While indulging in one of of my weekly soaks, I decided to take an adult gander at a bath bomb, with a lovely fizzy bath cupcake from Eclair, a vegan, natural beauty company.

In a word, the experience was delightful. If you think that all bath bombs smell like unicorns, cotton candy and bubblegum, you are most certainly mistaken. This selection, by Eclair, instead smells citrusy fresh, and light. The kind of smell that makes you feel rejuvenated and more awake. In short, a totally pleasant experience.

There was a light fizzing sensation, which was actually refreshing, and I emerged from the tub feeling refreshed and totally moisturized. Best part? There was no coloring and residue left in my tub after it had drained, in spite of the light pink tinge the water took (totally cute, btw.)

Point being— if you're going to indulge in a pampering night in this summer (or ever really), pick up a bath bomb ($5; eclairnaturals.com.) You'll feel like a kid again, but a very, very chic sophisticated one.