Feel free to put off wash day for a little longer.
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Dry Shampoo Black Hair
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Dry shampoo has never been a staple in my haircare routine.

As a Black woman with a mixture of thick, type 4 curls, I've quite frankly looked at dry shampoo as one of those products that were just not "for me."

My specific texture requires all the hydration it can get, so spraying something onto my hair — that traditionally was not formulated with people like me in mind — and would absorb its natural oils without replenishing moisture sounded like a hell no.

Instead, if I wanted to give my roots and scalp a little refresh in between wash days, I would typically reach for a bottle of Taliah Waajid's Moisture Clenz spray, apply it to my hair in sections, then use a wash cloth to wipe away any residue or build up from previous product use. And I still swear by it to this day.

However, on the days when I needed a quick spritz before heading out the door, I was pretty much out of luck, and would usually just opt for a headband or wrap instead. That's why Dark & Lovely's Hair Refresher is a game-changer.

Even though the Hair Refresher is technically meant to be used with protective styles (and that's how I originally tested it out), it's so good that I will happily break the rules and use it any time I want to extend my wash days. It's also perfect for the days when my hair isn't necessarily dirty, but just needs to be reinvigorated after being out in hot and humid summer weather.

To use it, I simply section out my hair, give it a quick spray, and my entire head instantly feels refreshed and smells like I just came out of the shower. Best of all, my hair has never ever been left feeling dry or straw-like after use. It's still shiny, bouncy, and full of life.

See what happens when you use products that were made with you in mind?

Dark & Lovely Hair Refresher

To shop: $6; walmart.com

Although the formula does contain alcohol and starch (found in the vast majority of any dry shampoo) it also contains aloe, which many naturals swear by for healthy hair.

Aloe not only helps to clean the hair on its own, but it also calms itchy scalp, helps to strengthen hair, and can potentially promote hair growth.

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As much as I love this product, there is one thing I want to be clear about: Dark & Lovely is not a Black-owned brand.

SoftSheen-Carson, Dark & Lovely's parent company, was fully acquired by L'Oréal in 2000. But the brand still remains true to its original values: creating products to help Black people celebrate our unique beauty.

Still, I reached out to Dark & Lovely to inquire about the number of Black staff currently employed with company.

While the brand's reps were not able to provide specific data, I was told that the leadership team overseeing SoftSheen-Carson at L'Oréal are all Black, and L'Oréal's multicultural beauty division includes a diverse mix of Black people at every level.

This gave me a sense of relief, because although Dark & Lovely may no longer be Black-owned, it's still made for us. And having our own seat at the table is vital.

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