By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jun 21, 2018 @ 9:00 am
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Drunk Elephant Glow Drops
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I don’t bake in the sun like I did when I was 17 anymore, but that hasn’t extinguished my desire for a tan. Now I just have to go about it in the safest way possible, which means eliminating as much UV exposure as possible and turning to self-tanners or makeup instead. The problem? I don’t love wearing a ton of face makeup in the summer, and most facial self-tanning formulas mess with my sensitive skin.

For someone who, like me, is an inner sun worshipper, Drunk Elephant’s latest launch is a total game changer. The D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Serum is first a potent but gentle formula that utilizes ingredients like marula oil, black currant seed oils, fatty acids, and antioxidants to protect, repair, and support your skin’s barrier function. This is what helps keep the moisture levels of your skin in the best possible condition, as well as block pollution and environmental stressors from causing irritation and other damage.

The thin, silky liquid is subtly tinted, giving your skin that bronzy glow that a day in the sun provides without all the side effects.

To use it, you add a few drops to your serum, SPF, or moisturizer, otherwise it’s a little too concentrated, and the color will look super fake. I actually prefer this because it allows me to have control over the amount of bronze I want on a daily basis.

Drunk Elephant After Embed
Credit: Ashley Batz

Instead of adding it to my moisturizer, I decided to mix it with Drunk Elephant’s classic Virgin Marula Oil for an ultra glowy, dewy look.

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It’ll set you back $36, which isn’t too bad if you consider that it's two products in one. Also, that’s a whole lot cheaper than having to get a laser treatment for sun spots.