DPTMNT's New Skincare Line Is Perfect For Your Next Vacation

Travel-friendly products for the win.

DPTMNT's New Skincare Line Is Perfect For Your Next Vacation
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As we (hopefully) come out on the other end of this pandemic, vacations are back in full swing. That said, you may be wondering how you're going to bring your favorite beauty products along with you.

Let's face it, if you have a ton of beauty products (like I do) traveling can be a nightmare. Firstly, most products come in large bottles that take up a lot of luggage space and weight. Secondly, squeezing a week's worth of cleanser, toner and lotion into 100ml bottles is not only annoying but can be rather messy.

Thankfully, the founders of DPTMNT (shorthand for department) hate the hassle that comes along with traveling with cosmetics too. That's why they've just launched SACHÉ AWAY, a clean skincare line that features a range of effective products that come in sachets — perfect to use on-the-go, no matter where or when you need a skin loving boost.

The new line is made up of clean, effective ingredients and features an exfoliating cleanser, toner, vitamin C serum, anti-pollution serum and moisturizer, so you'll have your whole cleansing routine covered.

DPTMNT skincare is not only easy to travel with, but it's created with easy access in mind 𑁋 each sachet includes two mitts to use at your convenience, no water necessary, so whether you want a refresh on a flight or need a boost between a 6 a.m. party and an 8 a.m. interview, you'll be all set.

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If you think you'll be wasting a ton of packaging using these little sachets, you're wrong 𑁋 DPTMNT sachets are completely recyclable through their partnership program with Terra Cycle. At no additional charge, shipping envelopes can be requested to send cleaned DPTMNT skincare packaging for proper recycling into raw formats that manufacturers can use to make new products.

The full DPTMNT collection be found on DPTMNT.com and includes the following skin loving products.

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DPTMNT Moisturizer


Enriched with coconut oil, buckwheat and honey, this powerful packet comes with enough moisturizer to leave your skin feeling hydrated all day.

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Purify your skin after cleansing with this detoxifying toner made with a rich blend of apple cider vinegar, vitamin B3, and arnica extract.

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DPTMNT Anti-Pollution Serum


This fruity serum doesn't just smell amazing — its rich blend of blueberry extract, myramaze, and amino acids helps to reduce free radical damage and protect the skin against pollution and blue light radiation.

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DPTMNT Exfoliating Cleanser


If you struggle with hyperpigmentation, you'll definitely want to pack this creamy exfoliating cleanser which includes alpha and beta hydroxy acids that help to refine and brighten the texture of the skin, without drying it out.

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DPTMNT Vitamin C Serum


This sachet is packed with a powerful blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid. This formula helps protect the skin against antioxidants and give it a boost of brightness.

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