It actually makes your pores look smaller.

By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jan 23, 2019 @ 10:30 am
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The Splurge is our new weekly column dedicated to expensive beauty products that are actually worth it. This week, why we're rebuying Dior's new Forever foundation, despite the $52 price tag.

Foundation is — hands down — my all-time favorite beauty product to test. I love debunking the myth that they're all too heavy, cake-y, completely mask your natural skin, or don't last longer than a few hours before turning an oxidized orange color. So, every season, I volunteer to be a guinea pig and make it a point to apply and review all the new, improved, and innovative formulas. And three weeks into 2019, I've already found a win in Dior Forever 24-Hour Wear High Perfection Skin-Caring Matte Foundation.

Described as a "velvet-y matte," Dior's new and improved Forever Matte Foundation is the perfect mix between a true matte and a natural-finish complexion product. In the matte department, it reduces shine has rose hip extract in it to noticeably reduce the appearance of your pores. It's also a medium-to-full coverage formula, so when applied with a light hand, you still see your own natural skin shine through. Or, in other words, I can still catch a glimpse of my freckles when I apply two tiny pumps and blend it out with a Beautyblender.

The matte foundation is available in 28 different skin tone options, which is not quite as expansive as Smashbox or Fenty's 40-shade range. The Glow version (yes, Dior launched a radiance take on Forever, too) is available in 24 different shades.

Then, there's how well the foundation wears throughout the day. That two tiny pumps lasts me all day long. It doesn't crease. It doesn't cake. It doesn't wear off in weird patches. It doesn't oxidize. My skin looks healthy, even, and smooth for hours. I haven't worn it for a full 24 hours (that's how long the brand says it lasts), but it's held up beautifully for close to 16 hours. I'd never say it's drying, but as someone who has dry, sensitive skin, I still make sure to apply a hearty amount of moisturizer pre-application.

In terms of pricing, it doesn't come cheap. One bottle rings ups to $52, but considering the fact that I've worn it every workday and almost every weekend for the past 22 days, I'd say it's a $52 well spent.