This Legendary Mascara Gives You "Lashes Like You've Never Lashed Before," According to Shoppers and Celebrities

Anya Taylor-Joy is the latest to join the fan club.

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Anya Taylor-Joy's Gloriously Long Lashes Are Thanks to This Shopper-Worshipped Mascara
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Back in the year 20 B.C. — sorry, I meant last November — when The Queen's Gambit was having its hey-day, I came across a fantastic tweet from Twitter user @thatconnieshin. "Male authors trying to show a woman at rock bottom," they wrote above a photo of Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon, coiffed and glamorously slouched on the sofa. Not wrong! Yet the image of Harmon's experimental '60s eye makeup has stayed with me, so when Taylor-Joy revealed the mascara she relies on for similarly outstanding (albeit more wearable) lashes, I was thrilled.

As the actress explained in a video for British Vogue, "These are the only two [makeup] things I can do: I can apply my lipstick, and I can apply my mascara." The lipstick in question is Dior's Addict Lip Tattoo Long-Wearing Liquid Lip Stain, and the mascara? From the grainy shot, it looks like none other than Dior's Diorshow Lash-Extension Effect Volume Mascara, one of the first mascaras I can remember gaining name recognition.

Full disclosure: I'm a elder millennial (not me weeping), and spent my teens with magazines insisting Maybelline Great Lash was the best mascara in existence. I longed for more oomph, so when greats like Benefit's Roller Lash and Diorshow launched, I glommed onto the latter for several years. Its oversized brush delivered the lush, thick, long lashes of my dreams, and while working in the beauty industry has made me a fiend for new releases, reviewers are just as in love with the mascara to this day (and Blake Lively, Meghan Markle, and Kylie Jenner join Taylor-Joy in the peanut gallery).

show Lash-Extension Effect Volume Mascara DIOR

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"Lash like you've never lashed before," wrote one person. "Deep pigment. Perfect definition. No smudging, even with cream concealer around the eyes. Wears all day. Easy to remove with no residue." Another shopper said that despite having "nothing to work with" in terms of lashes, the thickening formula lengthens impressively — which is likely why devotees stick with it for over a decade. And as a different person adds, there's even a secret benefit.

"With all the mascaras out there, this is my go-to favorite. I'm 46, and rather than [make] my lashes fall out, this mascara helps them grow," wrote a fan. "Dior doesn't make this promise, but it happened for me." The mascara is so powerfully thickening and lengthening, they add, eyeshadow and liner become irrelevant; the lashes do enough to create a "magnificent focus" on your eyes (and it also comes in blue, if you feel like channeling Princess Diana's signature look).

"I have spent most of my long life searching and praying for the best mascara, regardless of price," wrote another customer. "I have very thin, short lashes. I use the Dior primer, and with this mascara my lashes are full, dreamy, [and] long with no under-eye transfer. An absolute miracle." Those with dry eyes say that where most mascaras exacerbate the situation, the Diorshow doesn't — and it makes them look like they're wearing false eyelashes, to boot.

As a last person wrote, "Good job, Dior." Copy that figuratively and literally with your own tube of the enduring mascara legend.

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