Celebrity Makeup Artist Nam Vo Shares How To Make Your Skin Look Like a Dewy Dumpling

Dullness, be gone!

Dewy Dumpling
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Dewy, bouncy, dumpling, plump. These are all words that celebrity makeup artist Nam Vo uses to describe her signature glowy look — and we want it.

Glowing skin isn't a new trend, and while the "clean makeup look" has had its time to shine on TikTok, Vo's timeless take on it is, thankfully, both easy and affordable. "The dewy dumpling glow does not always need to be bougie, the dewy dumpling glow can be found at TJ Maxx and Marshalls," she shares with InStyle.

For starters, she says that everyone and their mamas need to get on the SPF train. "It's preventative!" she says. "You're going to spend thousands of dollars on lasers and correctional [treatments] if you have sun damage." Not to mention, sun damage doesn't just change the texture of your skin, it kills collagen, too.

After sunscreen, Vo shares it's crucial to religiously cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin, too. And for those looking to step it up a notch, Vo says she's a huge fan of skincare tools. "I became an even bigger advocate in 2020 when I couldn't go to the dermatologist or esthetician. Whether it be microcurrent, LED lights, or radiofrequency, there are great at-home tools now — they're pretty much professional-grade," she says.

Other things she swears by for that bouncy glow are cryo and steaming. To de-puff the skin, Vo suggests using cryo sticks, as the cool temps will also help reduce redness and swelling. As for steaming, it improves the efficacy of your other skincare products as it opens up the pores. "It gets blood circulation going, it softens the skin, and it opens the skin," she explains.

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When it comes to makeup, Vo's approach is minimal. For her, it's about knowing which areas to conceal, which to highlight, and using formulas that make the skin look bouncy. "I think everybody should use cream blush because it almost stains the skin — it looks like it's coming from your skin and it looks very healthy," she explains.

And whatever you do, don't bake. "All these Instagram trends like baking, shaking, sautéeing — they work on the red carpet and on the Kardashians because they have that heavy light coming at them." Instead, she recommends using a dewy mist to set your makeup and maybe a very fine amount of powder underneath your eyes. "Unless you're on camera you don't need to be using a lot of powder," she says, adding that she believes a little shine makes the skin look healthier.

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