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Your rotating face brush has some serious competition. If you haven't experienced the magic that is the Dermaflash, get acquainted now before the tool completely sells out at Sephora. Long praised for its ability to exfoliate on a level that your go-to scrubs can't quite reach, the Dermaflash is currently the #1 skincare device on sephora.com. The device is the at-home answer to dermaplaning, which is usually done in medi-spas, with results that are equal parts satisfying and mesmerizing.

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In the doctor's office, dermaplaning entails using a scalpel to scrape the top layer of your skin to remove dead skin cells, clogged pores, as well as any peach fuzz that comes in contact with the blade. Following your appointment, you'll notice a smooth, even texture, your products will absorb on contact (and at a deeper level), and nary a flaw in sight. Dermaflash has taken that concept and translated it into their handheld device, which uses a stainless steel blade combined with sonic vibration to deliver the same results at home.

Simply wash your face as you normally would, pop the Edge blade into the tool, and use short strokes across your skin as you keep a safe distance from your eyebrows. Once you finish, apply a generous layer of moisturizer over your entire face. Pick up a set now for $189 at sephora.com while you still can.