Amazon Shoppers Report "Touchably Soft" Curls After Using This Serum

It’s like shine and bounce in a bottle.

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Shoppers Report “Touchably Soft” Bouncy Curls After Using This Serum
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Caring for your curly hair takes patience, product, and the correct styling technique. Those with curls know it can take trial and error to find the items that work best for your particular ringlet pattern. Once you do discover what works for you, expect to witness a serious transformation of your curls. In the case of one popular Amazon option, shoppers say it's been a "miracle" inclusion in their curly hair routine.

Davines formulated its This Is A Curl Building Serum to help with common curly hair woes. The leave-in serum promotes hydration, bounce, and an overall improvement in curl appearance with a formula that includes vitamin B5and plant-based hydratants. When applied, the serum helps curls become resistant to moisture and humidity.

Davines This Is A Curl Building Serum

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One reviewer confirmed that their curls held up, writing, "This not only gives superior control of my curls it also leaves my curls touchably soft...Finding a product that holds up to the insane temperatures and weather conditions this climate dishes out is a breath of fresh air." They went on to call the serum, "one of the best products out there." Another shopper also claimed that their hair "hardly ever gets frizzy anymore."

Simply apply a small amount of the serum throughout damp hair and then resume your normal hair routine. As one reviewer explained, "[The serum] allows me to let my hair dry naturally. As long as I only use a tiny bit and massage it into all my hair, my hair no longer looks unkempt when I don't brush it. That allows the curls to look shiny, bouncy and perfectly curled."

Those with waves, as well as thick and long hair, all swear by the serum. "I've been using this for years. Nothing else comes close, and I've tried just about every popular curl preparation trying to avoid paying this price tag, but I've wasted so much money on products that didn't come close to these results," a shopper with "coarse" curls wrote.

According to another reviewer, you can end your search for the perfect curl product. "[It] holds my naturally curly hair beautifully," they wrote. "My curls are especially difficult to manage, and in the chaotic Midwest humid weather they love to frizz. This is the only product that will define and hold my curls. I've tried 20 or more products and nothing else works." Sounds like it's definitely time for you to give this serum a try. Head to Amazon now and pick up the Davines product for yourself.

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