Dakota Johnson's Met Gala Bangs Were Styled With 2 Products From This Anti-Aging Hair Brand

René Furterer was behind the magic.

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Dakota Johnson Met Gala Hair
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There are few celebrities I get as excited for as I do with Dakota Johnson. Any red carpet appearance she makes is always punctuated by a great outfit and envious, luscious hair. This year's Met Gala was no different; Johnson appeared wearing a custom sequin and tassel Gucci jumpsuit underneath a velvet cape. But really what I'm here to talk to you about is her hair — her signature bangs were perfectly textured and the rest of her mane was just the right amount of full and undone.

The actress' Met Gala hair was a work of art perfected by her longtime stylist Mark Townsend who relied exclusively on René Furterer products. According to the brand, Townsend used five products on her hair: he started with René Furterer Style Sculpting Mousse on her damp hair, sprayed, then curled her strands with Thermal Protecting Spray, zhuzhed her bangs with Texture Spray, set her hair with Finishing Spray, and finally used Style Shine Mist to add her signature sultriness. You can't go wrong with any of the five products, but the highlights are really the Texture Spray and the Shine Mist.

Rene Furterer hair care

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Texture sprays are one of the most underrated hair products, IMO. A good texturizing product is the difference between too-clean, lifeless hair and strands that are perfectly undone. For Johnson's Met Gala look, Townsend blow dried her bangs with a flat brush and then sprayed the texture spray from the roots to the tip of her fringe to get a "very cool, second-day texture," he said, according to the brand.

Rene Furterer hair care

Shop now: $32; renefurtererusa.com

The other star product, the Shine Mist, was used to add Johnson's classic je ne sais quoi rocker-chic vibe to the finished look. As the last step of her hair glam, Townsend said he used the spray to mirror the shiny effect of her fringed bodysuit. It tied together the "sexy yet romantic" look, as Townsend described it.

Not only does René Furterer have the stamp of approval from Johnson and Townsend (who incidentally also works with the Olsen sisters), but customers love it, too. The brand is frequently celebrated for its ability to reverse the clock on aging hair and its excellent results for combatting hair loss. Keep scrolling to peruse the entire René Furterer Style collection, below.

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