Everyone's Getting Dainty Tattoos Right Now

Small tattoos are the new big trend — and celebrities love them.

Dainty tattoos are everywhere right now.

Although they are small in size, these tattoos often have big meanings and are perfect for anyone thinking about getting inked.

Celebrity fans of the trend include stars like Ariana Grande, who has over 40 tattoos, including the unique designs on her hands. Grande's first-ever tattoo was a dainty heart on her toe, which she got when she turned 18-years-old to commemorate the making of her debut album: "Yours Truly."

Miley Cyrus is another star who's a fan of tiny body art. The singer has multiple tattoos in various shapes and sizes, including subtle dainty designs. Not far behind Cyrus is Hailey Beiber, who also has a penchant for dainty tattoos, sporting over 20 personal inkings, from bible scriptures to odes to her husband Justin Bieber. Needless to say, dainty tattoos are getting more and more popular.

Dainty Tattoo Ideas
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"Dainty [micro-realism] tattoos are my absolute favorite, they're flawless," says tattoo artist, Ruben Kravets. "The small artwork allows me to include lots of details and gives a more vivid and strong impression of the tattoo owner's personality. For me, micro-realism is the art form that gives me the opportunity to continuously grow in my work as a tattoo artist."

But let's face it: getting your first tattoo can be a bit nerve-racking. With so many designs and color combinations to choose from, it's hard to know where to begin. That's why we asked Kravets, as well as resident tattoo artists at Inked NYC, to share some dainty tattoo inspiration — along with where to put them.

Snowflake Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos make a subtle statement. And since your hands are always on display, people are bound to get a peek at your dainty design. This snowflake design works well across all finger sizes.

Travel-Inspired Arm Tattoos

Exploring the world can really help inspire tattoo designs as you uncover new places and meet new people. "This tattoo was for a client who wanted to capture the memories of the time she spent with her grandparents by the seaside doing puzzles," says Koral Ladna, resident tattoo artist at Inked NYC.

"This tattoo was for a girl from Germany, she was on a trip here in Israel and two parts of this fish symbolize the beginning and the end of her big trip," says Kravets.

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Floral Ear Tattoos

Flowers behind the ear are an intricate, slightly hidden design. Plus, the fine lines and pastel colors add a feminine touch. "This unusual placement of the tattoo says how special it is for its owner," says Kravets.

Matching Sandwich Tattoos

Matching tattoos are a great way to symbolize the love between two people. If you've had a peanut and jelly sandwich, you'll know that the famous combination tastes absolutely delicious. This cute, dainty tattoo signifies the love this couple has for each other — the perfect match! These two placed them on their wrists, but this art looks great anywhere.

Wordy Tattoo

The word "love" means different things to different people, but it carries global recognition. No matter where you go in world, these four letters make a powerful statement.

Animal Tattoo

This famous Pablo Picasso sketch features Lump, a Dachshund the artist featured in several of his paintings. The tattoo is not only a homage to the artist, but it shows off the client's love for dogs.

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