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Marianne Mychaskiw
Aug 16, 2017 @ 1:00 pm

Turn around, bright eyes. Though the general rule of thumb with makeup is typically to focus attention on the eye or the lip—never both at once—Teyonah Parris broke it in the most flawless way possible by bringing drama to both areas. Truth be told, blue eyeshadow is tricky enough to pull off on its own, much less alongside a bright lipstick, so we respect her confidence to go for both.

Rather than giving her shadow an overly-structured shape channeling the original cast of Dynasty, Parris's effect is more diffused. The color is still dramatic around the perimeter of her eye, but careful blending keeps the look from appearing too dated. Since her lip color has a shiny finish, the pairing isn't as severe as it would have been with a matte.

VIDEO: Try This Makeup Look With Blue Eyeshadow

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Eager to go boldly into similar territory? We recommend starting with the eye area first, working slowly to add and blend the color. A blending brush dipped into a matte powder close to your own skin tone is your best friend for diffusing any harsh lines, and by starting with the most dramatic effect first, you'll be able to gauge how strong you should go with the lips.

Start by blotting your lipstick on to form a stain, and as you did in the previous step, slowly and steadily build that intensity as you feel comfortable. Add a layer of lip balm or clear gloss to add dimension, then go easy on the rest of the look. An intense contour or a too-matte foundation may appear too contrived, whereas a dewy glow makes the overall effect much more playful.

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