Rita Ora: Graphic Cat Eye
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Nothing commands attention like a thick stripe of liner, with a wing so sharp, it just might stab a man.

Rita Ora knows—at the Serpentine Galleries Summer Party in London, the musician paired her vinyl red lip with an intense cat-eye that spanned the entirety of her lids. Along with her sleek updo and ornate hair accessories, the look was a little Gatsby, a little Marilyn, with some Winehouse flair.

Rita Ora
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

To get a wing that precise, you'll need to use a liquid liner. The thought alone can be intimidating for those loyal to their kohl pencils, but with a steady hand and the right formula, the shape can appear just as crisp as your own eye as it is on Ora's. Seek out a formula with a felt-tip applicator, as the stiff texture allows for a cleaner line.

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Though your first instinct would be to follow your lash line and finish with the wing, you get a more even result by working backwards. Start first with the wing itself—draw an upward flick starting from your lower lash line to create the outer shape of the cat eye. From the tip of that line, sweep your applicator down toward your upper lash line to form an empty triangle shape. Fill in the open space, then trace over your upper lash line again until you reach your desired thickness. You can try tilting your head up and looking downward into your mirror as you do this to allow better see the shape without completely closing your eyes.