Credit: Matthias Nareyek/Getty

The general rule of makeup is to opt for a bold eye or lip—never both—but Jessica Chastain may have found the loophole with her asphalt shadow and red lipstick combo.

At the Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony, the star went full Hollywood glam, pairing her structured waves with a crimson lip and smoldering gray eye. By choosing a softer color than the basic black, the two elements don't compete with each other, but still remain dramatic.

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When going for a strong eye and lip, balance is key. Start with your eye makeup first, then determine how bright to go with the lip. Use a gray liner along your lash line, a la Chastain, then use a blending brush to smudge out the formula toward your crease. Dip a clean blending brush into a translucent powder, bronzer, or setting powder close enough to your own natural skin tone, and use it to blur the line where the smudged liner ends, and your brow bone begins. This will create a more subtle graduation in color with no harsh lines as it fades into your own complexion.

Intensify the lash line with an additional layer of gray pencil, then finish with a few generous coats of mascara. If you're afraid the dark color will make your eyes appear smaller, use a soft beige or pink liner along your waterline as the star did. Follow with complexion products, which can help clean up any eye makeup fallout, then use a lip brush to apply your favorite red.