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Playground comeback of the century: my dad can contour better than your dad.

It's a skill he likely picked up at Blushington's Dad and Daughter 101 Makeup Class. Everyone's favorite beauty lounge has added a class based around fathers teaching their daughters how to apply age-appropriate makeup, and we are so here for this. Let's be real—girls are going to get into makeup at some point, and with the help of a trained makeup artist, Blushington's class aims to give tips on applying makeup that isn't too intense for each daughter's tween-age status, while offering encouraging tips as she embarks on her first forays into the beauty world. Skincare is a major focus—which is apt considering it was around that age that we started experiencing our first breakouts, which subsequently lead to our first trips to the Clinique counter—and both father and daughter will leave with a guideline on how to subtly conceal areas that need extra love, apply eye makeup and lip color, and setting makeup.

VIDEO: How to Do a Work-Appropriate Contour

"Every dad should know this stuff before a big event because [the girls] come out looking llike they shouldn't look," participating dad Seth Rosensweig told the New York Post. "You have to be involved. You don't want to be a spectator—you don't want to sit on the sidelines." It's a great way for fathers to learn about the nuances of makeup if no one else can speak to the method before a big event, not to mention, get some father-daughter bonding time in.

There are two options available—a 1-hour private class, priced at $125, and a 1.5 hour group class for $50. Currently, Blushington has outposts in New York, California, and Texas. Head over to now to find a location near you, and to find out more about the Dad and Daughter 101 Makeup Class.