Spray Tan
Credit: Getty Images

Hello, my name is Roxanne. I'm a beauty editor, and until yesterday, I had never had a spray-tan. That sounds ridiculous, seems impossible, and utterly implausible, but here we are. For 24 years of my existence, I either sunned myself or embraced my pale — it just seemed like way too much could go awry to risk getting a spray-tan, so instead, I put myself at risk for skin cancer.

Seemed like the right idea at the time. I didn't want to go to my prom with orange hands, looking like an oompa loompa disaster!

So, when the opportunity came about to get my very first spay-tan by the hands of Sophie Evans, St. Tropez Tanning Expert and bronzing genie, I wasn't about to say no. If I was going to pop my spray-tan cherry, I'd want it to be with someone who knows exactly what they are doing. That's a rule that should be applied to most decisions, btw.

The day rolled around, and I followed all of the prescribed pre-tan steps. I shaved my legs (well, shaved one, got distracted and completely forgot to do the other), and I exfoliated the night before. At the actual treatment, we opted for "The Classic," and Evans took to sculpting my body with bronzed goodness.

The whole experience was so pleasant, and I emerged from the booth looking way more toned and my cellulite on my legs looked less visible.

That was pretty big for me. During a week when I was experiencing some serious body insecurities, having a quick fix that made me feel a little better while I worked to address the larger changes I want to make, was really key. And Evans even gave me some quick tips, aside from, you know, don't workout or shower tonight. Namely, if you do have a fake tan mishap, Dove Body Wash will do the trick, or any dipilatory cream. Who knew?

I feel like a goddess today, and the only reason my fingers my fingers might be orange is because I've snacked on some Cheetos. I'm a classy broad, what can I say?