This Hair Treatment Got Rid of My Dandruff Flakes After Just One Use (Yes, Really)

Coco & Eve to the rescue.

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This Hair Treatment Got Rid of My Dandruff Flakes After Just One Use (Yes, Really)
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As of late, my dandruff has become worse. I was sitting in the chair of a salon, looking at myself in the mirror in preparation for a haircut. When the stylist arrived, I took my hair out of its ponytail and shook it loose. The hair fell down, but so did an embarrassing cascade of white flakes.

After my haircut, I decided I needed to do something about the increasingly more noticeable condition. I stared at the dozens of hair products in my desk drawer and settled on Coco & Eve's Deep Clean Scalp Scrub for two reasons: First, I always see its pink and green packaging on TikTok and Instagram and I have meant to try the products out for a while. Second, I just like the physicality and immediacy of a scrub rather than a long-term treatment like an oil or a serum.

While in the bath, I applied the Scalp Scrub to my hair and used my hands to gently rub. I washed it out and continued with my regular shampoo and conditioner.

scalp scrub

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The results were immediate. I wrapped my hair in my Aquis Copper Sure Turban and left it to dry. Twenty minutes later I unwrapped my hair and shook out the curls, running my fingers through my hair to separate the strands and zhuzhing to add volume. I noticed right then and there that I wasn't watching flakes fall toward my feet.

A few days later while mindlessly playing with my head and hair as I watched a movie, I realized my fingers weren't coming in contact with any unfortunate residue, there wasn't any… material getting trapped under my fingernails (sorry, TMI but real).

Two weeks after my first experience with the Coco & Eve Scalp Scrub I felt what it was like to have a clean, healthy scalp begin to accumulate buildup — it was a foreign sensation to me because honestly, dandruff has just become a normal part of my life. During my next bath, I once again used the Scalp Scrub and was met with instantaneous, thrilling, flake-free results.

Scalp care has always felt so extra and not worth the energy, but I have now initiated a new product into my routine. Experience your own scalp transformation at Coco & Eve.

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