Coachella's Best Beauty Looks Are a Lesson In Playfulness

From body glitter to butterfly clips, these looks are sparking joy.

Coachella Beauty
Photo: Emily Malan

Lately, all fashion and beauty trends trends seem to be focused on one thing: joy. Whether we're talking about dopamine dressing, painting your nails in fun squiggles, or wearing your hair in space buns, personal expression is all about letting your inner child out to play. And if anybody doubts about this shift, all they have to do is turn to Coachella to see for themselves.

At this year's music festival, nobody held back when it came to their beauty looks. There was body glitter, butterfly clips, candy cotton-colored hair, and so much more. To put it plain and simple, all these looks spark joy — even just by seeing them on a computer screen.

If you're looking to boost your mood and let your creativity flow, we rounded up 19 of the best beauty looks from Coachella. What's more, they're all easy to recreate at home. So, take note, because these looks will serve as part of your summer beauty mood board.

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Orb Hair Ties

Coachella Beauty
@_taliyah_2.0. Emily Malan

Who else remembers the hair ties with balls we all used to wear as kids? Now, they're back with full force and can be worn in dozens of ways to create looks from playful to upscale.

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Clips and Pearls

Coachella Beauty
@franshwing. Emily Malan

Whoever said that you had to pick either statement hair or statement makeup was dead wrong — you were made to shine. Frame your pearl-enhanced face with standout hair clips to replicate this fun look.

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Baby Pigtails

Coachella Beauty
@maciwoodmusic. Emily Malan

Our favorite childhood hairstyle has evolved into this super flirty style. Pair it with a strong eye makeup look, like this flower child did, to step up your beauty look even more.

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Butterfly Clips

Coachella Beauty
@Tashajanine. Emily Malan

These youthful hair accessories are making a major comeback, as evidenced by this festival-goer. Not only is she wearing the clips in her hair, but if you look close enough, there are butterfly-shaped sparkles on her face and body, too.

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Ribbon-Laced Braids

Coachella Beauty
@ten_london1021. Emily Malan

Simple and fun, all you need to do to recreate this pretty hairstyle is take a ribbon in your favorite color and braid it along with your hair. Once it's done, take another ribbon in the same color and wrap a bow at the end of the braid for a cuteness boost.

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Bright Eyeshadow

Coachella Beauty
@stellar_balcony. Emily Malan

Play up your eyes by wearing a bold eyeshadow. We love this baby blue shade, which is very 60s and very on-trend right now.

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Cotton Candy Hair

Coachella Beauty
@lovesabs. Emily Malan

Whether you dye your hair in these My Little Pony shades or opt to wear a wig, this will be a fun look to remember.

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Body Glitter

Coachella Beauty
@kimie_kime. Emily Malan

We love dressing up our faces, but like this Coachella attendee, we're all about bringing back body glitter, too.

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Choppy Layers

Coachella Beauty
@rsdebb. Emily Malan

We know lavender is having a fashion moment — which we love — but all we can think about here is how edgy and cool these choppy layers look.

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Space Buns

Coachella Beauty
@bellajasmine. Emily Malan

The bun-pigtail hybrid style has been around for years, and it's still at the top of our list of the best festival beauty trends. Space buns are fun, they conveniently keep your hair off your face and back, and you can play them up by dying your hair in a standout shade, too.

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Colorful Braids

Coachella Beauty
Abidah Mztrinibee. Emily Malan

Dress up your braids by throwing in multi-colored strands. The result is playful, youthful, and so fun.

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Pastel Buzzcut

Coachella Beauty
@drew_delacruz_. Emily Malan

Super-short hair has a big impact with this muted. but standout shade. Hey, it's buzzcut season anyway.

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Jazzed-Up Brows

Coachella Beauty
@g_peachess. Emily Malan

The eye area almost always gets most of the fun, but don't neglect your brows! We love how this festival-goer traced their brows with dainty rhinestones.

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Ribbon Headbands

Coachella Beauty
@pattiyaa. Emily Malan

The hairstyling options are endless when it comes to ribbons. Whether they're laced into braids as previously shown or used as a sweet headband, they always have the green light from us.

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Face-Framing Braids

Coachella Beauty
@angiegreen. Emily Malan

Keep things simple with face-framing baby braids à la Hailey Bieber.

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Temporary Tattoos

Coachella Beauty
@basiccherrer. Emily Malan

Don't reserve your favorite temporary tattoos for your body, they can be used to play up your face, too. If you're going to a party or multi-day festival, you can be sure that this is a makeup look that won't sweat off no matter how hard you dance.

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Flower Clips

Coachella Beauty
Katharina Damm. Emily Malan

We all know butterfly clips, and flower clips are its cutesy cousin. We love how they're worn here, placed on the front strands and framing the face.

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Turquoise Hair

Coachella Beauty
@janine_the_bean. Emily Malan

We know that red hair is trending, but we say it's time to bring back the King Kylie-era turquoise shade, too.

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Wraparound Eyeshadow

Coachella Beauty
@cheyennesimonemodeling. Emily Malan

While most people reserve eyeshadow for the lid, let this be a lesson in how slightly wrapping it around can have a cool, edgy effect.

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