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Credit: clivechristianperfume/instagram

There are fragrances, there are luxury fragrances, and then there's Clive Christian. Originally established as The Crown Perfumery during the reign of Queen Victoria in 1872, the history of this fragrance house is one spanning over a century. In 1999, perfumer Clive Christian purchased The Crown Perfumery, intent on restoring the brand back to its former glory.

Mission accomplished, we'd say. Clive Christian fragrances are widely known as the most expensive perfumes in the world, with prices that can reach upwards of the $800 mark, and they're happy to tell you that—on select bottles, you'll find "The World's Most Expensive Perfume" inscribed on the label. What's goes into the lofty price tag? We asked brand ambassador Victoria Christian to elaborate.

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First things first, the fragrance house is ultra-picky when it comes to choosing the elements that go into the juice. "Each of the Clive Christian perfumes are expertly crafted, sourcing only the rarest and most precious ingredients in their purest forms. Not only do we source the best ingredients when creating the perfumes, but each one contains 100 to 300 raw ingredients with natural extracts, oils, and absolutes," she tells InStyle. "All of the Clive Christian perfumes contain between 20 and 25% perfume, making them linger on the skin longer."

We can attest to that staying power. A spritz of the Cosmos Flower scent ($550; nordstrom.com) lasted on our skin all day and into the evening—mind you, this was also in the midst of a heat wave, where sweating off our fragrance (and every other product on our body, honestly) happens to be the norm. Even post-shower, notes of jasmine, cocoa, and vanilla pleasantly lingered on our skin.

The bottles are also a work of art in and of themselves, not to mention, got Queen Victoria's stamp of approval following its initial launch, thank you very much. "The crown on the stopper was granted by Queen Victoria in 1872 and remains a symbol of quality and British excellence—two values that are still adorned by our company today," Christian adds.

Hey, if the scents were good enough for Queen Vic, then they'll do just fine by us.