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Reviewers Say Clinique's Cooling Rollerball Is the Holy Grail of Eye De-Puffing

Pet allergies? Crying? Too much salt? So hot out your under-eyes are sweaty? This serum is the solution.
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There are some mornings when no amount of beauty sleep does the trick for your body. Even after years of a strict nightly routine, your skin doesn't always recognize your efforts, leaving you feeling a little salty when problems crop up in the a.m. Combating under-eye bags and puffiness tends to be one of the most annoying morning problems, but thanks to one eye serum from Clinique, hundreds of shoppers are rolling away their bags.

Clinque's All About Eyes De-Puffing Eye Serum goes beyond a standard formula that you swipe on your under-eye area because it incorporates a little skincare tool: At the tip is a metal rollerball that instantly cools both the serum and your skin.

What's the magic — or science, rather — behind it? Dermatologist Dr. Jessie Cheung told InStyle, "Metal tips are cooling, which soothes the skin and helps decrease swelling by shrinking the blood vessels. The rolling action acts as a massage to boost circulation and flush out excess fluid."

Refreshing, and especially covetable on hot summer days, the All About Eyes serum may be heralded for its rollerball contraption, but the formula has your back, too. One of the main stars of the ingredient show is caffeine. Dr. Cheung explained that on top of the metal roller, "Caffeine will add to the vasoconstriction effect for even more de-puffing, while providing an antioxidant effect."

And this isn't just for the occasional swelling from one too many pizza slices the night before. Puffiness caused by everything from hangovers to crying and even pet allergies has been solved with this rollerball stick, according to reviewers. 

"I am allergic to my two cats, and even though they are banned from my bedroom and I take the necessary steps to sleep in an allergy-free environment, I still wake up with puffy eyes," wrote one shopper. "Clinique's All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage completely de-puffs my eyes each morning and is part of my 'holy grail de-puffing' skincare regimen."

All About Eyes De-Puffing Eye Massage Serum CLINIQUE
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The proof is in the results that have led reviewers to latch onto this formula for decades. "Simply the best product to use to conceal bags under your eyes," wrote one shopper. "Been using this for over 20 years!" 

And though it seems to be more of a morning routine addition, one shopper used it at night with great results. "I woke up in the morning and boy! My eyes looked more vibrant and rejuvenated, no more puffiness, the lines/circles disappeared. It's really magic!"

You can also experiment with gliding it over other parts of your eye area for keeping puffiness at bay. "I put it on in the morning and throughout the day my lids remained puff-free and the dark circles were not nearly as noticeable," wrote one fan of the serum. "I even used it over my brows (another area that puffs when my allergies are particularly aggressive or I have a cold, like I do now) and it worked there too."

The cooling, de-puffing serum has earned a spot on bathroom counters for a reason — be it a genetic puffiness, an aversion to pet dander, or the occasional cry. Whatever the case, it's time to get the skincare equivalent of a cooling ice pack and get rolling.