This $9 Argan Oil Fights the Look of Aging Hair and Plumps Wrinkles to "Nonexistence"

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Hair Argan Oil
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Growing up with unruly curls, I remember my first argan hair oil like it was yesterday. Back in 2009, skin and hair oils were still a rarity (how times change!). Josie Maran's $49 Pure Argan Oil was a birthday present, but I vividly remember how velvety it made my skin feel on contact and the shampoo-commercial sheen it gave my hair. In the year 2021, our oil choices are much more vast, and so are their prices: Equally glorious ones, like Cliganic's Organic Argan Oil, are now available for $9 on Amazon.

Cliganic has a reputation for fantastic single-ingredient oils, and its argan oil carries the torch with both hair and skin benefits. The ingredient has dominated this year's best hair products for good reason: Argan oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which makes it a godsend for curls, coils, and anyone with dry or damaged hair. You know a little brand called Moroccanoil? It built an empire around argan oil.

As the brand's artistic director, Kevin Hughes, previously told InStyle, "Argan oil helps to restore elasticity and strength to hair with amino acids and vitamin E. It also decreases ripping and tearing when combing through damp hair." All good things, and according to over 12,000 Amazon shoppers' five-star endorsement of the Cliganic, the transformation is deeply pleasing.

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"Since receiving this oil I've used it after every single wash, and I'm so thrilled with the results," writes one person with thick, yet fine waves. "It leaves my curls bouncy with well defined ringlets, [and] soft to the touch with no greasy residue. So shiny, super manageable, and just overall healthy and gorgeous looking." Reviewers with 3C to 4A curls also rave about the effect on their hair, and people who flat-iron their strands see it repair the damage and keep frizz at bay.

The on-sale oil is so potent that even people who precede it with "cheap shampoo and conditioner" see soft, gleaming results, and older shoppers say it makes an enormous difference to "that old age dryness" their hair and scalp confront. Shoppers with coarse grays say it smoothes out the frazzle, and those with naturally white, porous hair likewise applaud the oil: "A couple of drops of this on my hair after a shower leaves my hair smooth, shiny (in a non-slick way) and so soft. It doesn't leave my hair looking greasy or heavily oiled, and doesn't have a terrible smell."

The price is impressive, considering the product is equally splendid for skin — and especially because one glass bottle of the two-fer lasts 10 months, per some. "The oil soaks right in, isn't oily, and makes my skin very soft and moisturized," says a 59-year-old who uses it after showering. "The best part is, Cliganic Argan Oil is making my age spots almost invisible. The change to these age spots is remarkable. No more purchasing products costing upwards of $70 or $80. I am purchasing for my 30-year-old daughter as well."

70-year-olds also see their skin texture improve from the "deeply moisturizing" oil, and even aestheticians recommend it for daily use. Given all the benefits, it seems almost excessive to mention another — but enough commenters brought up how the Cliganic plumps wrinkles to the point of "nonexistence," I must.

"I'm in my 60s and have no wrinkles," writes a final shopper. "I've applied organic argan oil to my face for years. When I found this product at this price, I was skeptical — I've paid a whole lot more for organic argan oil. Cliganic Organic Argan Oil works! I keep going back and buying more."

Averaging out to just over $1 a month for a 10-month supply, I'd say it's a good deal. And if you miss the sale, the good news is the oil's typically just $13. Voilà: Commercial-worthy hair, no stage lights (or birthday presents) required.

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