These Vegan Face and Body Highlighters Will Give You The Summertime Glow You Crave In the Dead of Winter

The perfect touch of sunshine.

Sure, it's 2022 according to the calendar, but for me, a new year doesn't begin until I see the sun shining and flowers blooming.

Spring has always signified renewal to me, and it's a nice little reminder that summer (and the sun-kissed glow that comes with it) is on the way. But for the months in between, you can count on Le Champ Cosmetics' Vegan Shimmering Body Drip and Electric Gold Highlighter to give skin the warmth we all crave.

"We all love a sun-kissed glow," Le Champ Cosmetics founder Shanique Ellington tells InStyle. "The [Shimmering Body Drip's] semi-liquid vegan formulation of micro-particles provides the perfect balance of shimmer and shine. And what makes the Electric Gold Highlighter so special to our customers is its ability to be used both on the face and body — and its creamy formulation."

So you can rest assured neither product will dry out your skin.

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Vegan Shimmering Body Drip

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Electric Gold Highlighter

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The Shimmering Body Drip comes in three luxurious shades: Bronze for deep complexions, Gold for medium tones, and Rose Gold for fair skin.

"The key with a formulation like this is simplicity and quality," Ellington explains. "These and all Le Champ products were produced in a FDA-certified facility with the highest international quality standards. The Shimmering Body Drip twill consistently glide, ever so smoothly, over the skin and can be applied anywhere on the body for a luminous glow."

Another perk? You don't have to use a lot to get that instant summery glow. And while the formula is long-lasting, it can be easily washed off in the shower.

The Electric Gold Highlighter on the other hand comes in one universal shade, and offers buildable coverage — which gives you the option to choose between just a little shimmer, or an all out kilowatt glow. "This formulation is very lightweight so can be applied on the face, with a makeup brush, or your fingers without clogging pores," says Ellington. "It has an electrifying shine when applied intensely."

While the ebbs and flows of COVID variants and ever-changing mandates have prevented us from wearing some of our favorite face products for nearly three years, whenever you can safely take off your mask, Ellington recommends giving your lips a pop of color to match with your new warm, glow.

"The perfect addition to the whole look is a bold lip color from our Femme Collection of liquid matte lipsticks, like the best-seller Kiss & Tell red lipstick," she says.

And she's not kidding about it being a best-seller. Kiss & Tell is currently sold out — but don't worry, you can sign up for restock alerts here.

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