Clean Beauty Stores
Credit: Courtesy of Follain

If the inconvenience of finding clean beauty products was the only thing stopping you from going green, your problem is officially solved. Over the past few years, the world of eco-friendly, ingredient-conscious beauty products has quite literally multiplied. Not only are there more products and brands, but there are entire websites and apps dedicated to making it easier to buy them and dissect what’s in them. Need help getting started? Here's a few you should have bookmarked ASAP.

Not sure what ingredients are the ones to avoid? This app acts as your own personal clean beauty encyclopedia. All you do is scan the barcode on the beauty product, and Think Dirty breaks down what it’s made of and gives you info on the potentially weary substances inside of it. Each ingredient is scanned based on “carcinogenicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity and/or allergenicity and immunotoxicity.” After that, it’s given a Dirty Meter rating, which ranges from 1 to 10, or cleanest to dirtiest. There’s also a shopping component that gives you cleaner product suggestions.

This online and in-store retail experience is dedicated to curating only products that are completely free of harmful ingredients from over 70 skin, makeup, body, and hair brands. They're open about every ingredient that's banned from their site and in their stores located in New York, Boston, and Nantucket. Another component we're huge fans of is the skin type quiz, which asks users a series of questions based on how their skin behaves and the products they use on a regular basis. Then, it provides clean products suggestions that could work well with your skin type and your routine.

This site, curated by Gwyneth Paltrow herself, is a gold-mine of clean beauty products. From RMS to Beautycounter to Juice Beauty, the selection features ingredient-conscious products across a wide range of beauty genres that are often made with natural, organic, and toxin-free formulas.

There's no brand shortage here! The Detox Market, a California-based green beauty destination, has an online presence that will blow you away. You'll find super popular and celebrated green beauty brands along with smaller, lesser-known companies that produce powerful and effective products you'll love. Like many of the other sites listed, the Detox Market is incredibly open about what ingredients they do not allow, so you can feel confident about what you're adding to your shopping cart.

If an in-store destination is your cup of tea, and you're in the New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles areas, Credo is your answer. The founders launched their business with the promise that everything on the site would be "safe, sustainable, and ethically sourced." That means they won't add a product that has a known harmful ingredient to its name and everything is animal cruelty-free. Some of the brands you can find? W3LL People, SW Basics, Skin Owl, Ilia, Juice Beauty, and Tata Harper are just a few. If you're on the site shopping around, we suggest starting with the skincare or makeup categories—they're legit.